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Anni S: Personal Training & Diet Coaching

Do you want to achieve big things in your life? Start with yourself!

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In search of things that work, not things that should work.


From Finland, based in Berlin. Also online coaching!

As a qualified personal trainer and certified Nutrition advisor, I can make your dreams come true. I’m always searching for things that work, not things that should work. My mission is to motivate my clients to reach their goals and find the healthier, happier version of themselves. Let me help you on your journey and let’s shape up your world together! Make the best decision of your life and get started today!

Wouldn't it be great to feel fit and energetic and have a body that you can be proud of? Getting in shape is an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can achieve.

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Let's get started today

Let me help you in your jouney - together anything is possible!

"Training with Anni is fun and rewarding, has swiftly gotten my body into shape, and definitely made me feel more energetic and better about myself. Even as a total beginner, with her you can only succeed in your goals - highly recommended!"

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Personal Training

Individual & Effective

Get the body that you can be proud of! Personal training is the right choice for you if you are a beginner with sports and want to be sure you start correctly. Or if you have already done sports for many years but have lost your motivation or didn’t manage to reach your goals by now. Let me help you in your journey – since together anything is possible!

Small group training

Fun & Motivation

Do you prefer to train together with friends? Small group training is something in between personal training and group workout. If you have a group of 2-6 persons, we can agree on the time and place and train together weekly, biweekly or just one time. Whether it is a tough HIIT or softer flexibility exercise, you will get results in a short time!

Diet Coaching

Healthy from inside out

I can help you in your diet related issues whether you have any problems in your diet or you want to learn a new, healthier way of life. I don't believe in calculating calories or having quick fixes: burning fat is way more fun than that. For me the overall health is important and I always take the individual considerations into account.

Online coaching

I offer personal training, sports plans and diet coaching also online!

Ask for more info!

Whatever your fitness needs, I’m here to bring you results. Contact me now and let's have a chat together so I can tell you more - first meeting is always for free!

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