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Personal Training

Individual & Effective

Get the body you can be proud of! Personal training is the right choice for you if you are a beginner with sports and want to be sure you start it right. Or if you have already done sports for many years but maybe lost your motivation or didn’t manage to reach your goals by now.
I make the plan for you that fits in your schedule and when training together I make sure you do the exercises correctly and motivate you out of your comfort zone. Sports can be fun and rewarding!

Personal Training in Berlin

Small group training

Fun & Motivating

Gather your friends together and let’s have some fun! My small group training differs from group workout since you can choose the time and place and aim of the workout yourself. You will get individual advice and I will make sure everyone is doing the exercises correctly. Whether it is a tough HIIT or softer flexibility, you will get results in short time!

Small group training Berlin with a personal trainer

Diet coaching & Nutritional consultancy

Healthy from insde out

Nutrition coaching always includes analyses of your diet based on your food diary, and of course recommendations to change it. You can either choose a one-time consultation session, or you can choose a 4-week or 12-week diet coaching to make bigger and long-lasting changes to your diet.

Diet coaching and diet plans in Berlin
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