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Personal Training

I know that staying motivated can be difficult alone. Whether you are a complete beginner with sports or already more advanced, I can make you an individual plan that accommodates your busy schedule and makes sure you reach your goals. During our training sessions, I will have a 120 % focus on you. I check your technique, motivate you out of your comfort zone and make sure you will get the results you want!


  • Do you want to feel fresh and energetic?

  • Do you want to prevent back or shoulder pain?

  • Do you want to get more flexibility?

  • Do you want to improve as a runner?

  • Do you want to get healthy and lose some weight?

  • Do you want to tone your body and burn some body fat?

  • Do you want to get new ideas in your workout plan and adjust your diet in the healthier direction? 

I always start with my new client by defining the goals and targets together. Your goal can be very small or big, as long as it is something that you really want. Let me help you in your journey – I’m sure I have solutions that fit your needs!

Besides personal training, I offer DUO coaching and small group training.

I offer

  • Sports Plans (gym, body weight training, running, mobility, core, kettlebell, fat burn, muscle building)

  •  Fitness Level Tests

  • Training Sessions (private, duo, small groups)

  • Nutrition Consultancy / Diet plans

  • Full Coaching Packages (see below)

  • Running technique classes

  • Mobility sessions

  • Online coaching

Whether you just want to get a plan and follow it by yourself or you want to train together, I offer several options to choose from.

PT 10 x 60 min training 850 €
Diet plans from 95 €

Sports plans starting from 95 €
Full coaching packages starting from 218 €/month (see details below)

Contact me for more information!

All inclusice coaching package

This package is the right for you if you want to get results that last! Get the results you have been looking for and start to feel energetic and motivated in all areas of life. The package includes everything you need:  

  • Fitness level tests in the beginning and in the end

  • Monitoring and following up your progress

  • Diet coaching / individual diet plan

  • Sports plans including resistance/strength training, cardio, and flexibility

  • All the updates for the plans

  • Training / coaching sessions (frequency depending on the package)

  • Full and unlimited email support

  • Access to a lot of information, recipes and supportive Facebook community!


Price: Starting from 218 € / month