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Summer fit 2017?

Let me guess. You wanted to be fit already last summer but gave up and decided that you will train hard the whole year so that you will definitely be fit in the summer of 2017. Well, are you fit now?

To be honest, it is already March and the summer is just around the corner. But don't worry, in two months you can transform your body into your dream figure, if you just know what to do.

Summer fit 2017 / Getting in shape with Anni S Personal Training

Fast diets or quick fixes are not the answer. You can loose weight quickly with a cabbage soup diet, but those kilos come back as soon as they disappeared. In those kind of diets, you first loose the water, then you loose your muscles but your fat stays. The diet can even damage your metabolism for good!

In weight loss, it is important to know what you are doing and it is also as important to stay motivated. Did you know that 70-80 % of the transformation is done with the diet, and only 20-30 % is done with sports. Eating too little is not the answer. You have to eat but you have to eat the right things! Good exercise program of course supports the journey.

High Intensity Training (=HIIT) and weight lifting are usually the most effective ways to loose fat, but if you are overweight or in a bad shape, then that kind of training method is not the best to get started with. What kind of program is the most effective in your case, depends on your current fitness level.

Summer fit 2017 / Getting in shape with Anni S Personal Training

It is also good to remember that it is not only food and sports that affects your fat burning. Stress is one of the biggest factors that can ruin the whole project! If your stress levels are constantly high, your body is not getting into the anabolic state, and only when the anabolic nervous system is active, fat burning is possible. Getting enough of sleep is also important, since no matter how much you train, the development happens during your sleep.

Do you want to be in your best fit before July 2017? There is still enough time to start my 3 month coaching package and take a fast track into bikini figure! Why should you start this coaching package:

  • You get a diet plan suitable for your needs and tailored to fit your training program

  • You get personalized training program, which will be updated in every 5 weeks

  • We do fitness level tests before we start and also after the coaching, so you can see how much you have developed

  • One-on-one training sessions regularly to make sure your motivation stays high and that you develop all the time

  • Support with no limits! You can contact me any time and ask everything you want to ask

  • The feeling when you have succeeded and managed to reach something you though you would never be able to reach

If you start still during March 2017, I offer you 20 % discount from my normal prices. Just mention "summer fit 2017" in your message. First consultation session is also totally free of charge. Contact me now here.

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