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How to plan your training program?

What kind of training program is the best for you depends on your goal, on your current fitness level and also on what you have been doing during the past few months. Copying plans from others is never a good idea, even if you might get some nice new inspiration from it. But in the long run, you might just hurt yourself or at least not get the best results you could get.

how to build your training program depends on your goal

The first thing to do when planning your sports routine is to define your goal. Gym plan for someone who is training for a marathon looks completely different than a plan for a person who wants to get big muscles. For the resistance training at the gym, here are some basic guidelines for the amount of reps:

  • Muscular endurance (important for marathon runners): 15-25 reps

  • Basic strength: (safe starting point): 12-15

  • Moderate reps (this is the best zone to increase muscle): 8-12 reps

  • Max power (to increase your power): 1-6 reps.

Even if your goal is to build up muscle but you are a beginner, you should start with some basic strength training before entering the moderate reps range. If you are used to weight lifting and have been using 12 reps, it is good to change it now for 8-10 reps. The goal is not the only determinant to choose the reps, also your previous activity matters.

The gym plan needs constant updates and the amount of reps and weights are good to change in every 6-8 weeks. For example start with 15 reps, then go for 12 and then for 8. If you always train the same way, you are not going to do much progress.

Your cardio training should include both below and above the 70 % level

Besides resistance training, a good sports plan includes also cardio training. Endurance training can be divided into training under 70 % effort and above it. When you train so that your heart beat stays under 70 % of maximum, you train your general fitness level, while above 70 % you train your speed. Several new studies show that training below the 70 % effort bring long-lasting benefits, but obviously you need to train both. If you are in a bad shape, start with the general training.

Many people do the mistake that they constantly train too hard and always above the 70 % level. It's good to remember that when training below that magical 70 % level, you improve your general fitness and also you teach your body to use fat as a fuel. That kind of training is also better for stress relieve. Even if you are very fit, I suggest taking some periods when you reduce the intensity of your workout and concentrate on building the good base.

HIIT workout is perfect for fat burn and for improving your fitness, but it is not suitable for beginners. Always start with the general training and only add HIIT into your program when your fitness level improves.

No matter what your goal is, you should include some mobility training in your week as well. I suggest adding some mobility and dynamic stretching as a part of every training and also do longer mobility training at least once a week. Mobility training improves your technique, your posture, makes you feel better in your body and prevents injuries. If you want to stay healthy and get most out of your training - no matter if it is running or weight lifting - you need to do some mobility as well.

A good training program is made so that is helps to overcome your weaknesses. Do you have back pain? Then your routine should include some core training. If your goal is to improve your posture, then you need different kind of exercises in your routine.

Would you like to start but don't know how? I offer a Kick Start package, including a sports plan for cardio and for resistance training as well as 2 training session together just for 175 €. Contact me if you want to now more!

Stay fit :) Anni

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