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Improve your mobility: Upper Body (video!)

Most of us sit a lot behind a computer and can feel that in their shoulders. Shoulder pain is common also among weight lifters. On the video above I show 2 easy exercises to improve your flexibility in the shoulder area!

Exercise 1: Start lying on your back. Lift one knee, and rotate it to the floor. Keep your knee on the floor and start swinging your arm. Make a big circle with your arm and follow it with your eyes. Repeat 6-8 rounds for each side.

Exercise 2: Place your arms behind you back, your fingers pointing towards your body. Lift your hip up and straighten your neck. Stay as long as you comfortable can, lower your hip and repeat.

Try to do mobility exercises at least 10-15 minutes and 3 times a week. Check also my favorite mobility exercises for upper body!

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