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Sugar-free September! Join the challenge and win healthy treats!

I think it was approximately 3 years ago when I heard for the first time about #SugarfreeSeptember. Until then, I was eating sugar quite a lot. I was not a sugar addict, but I did have some chocolate here and there, or a piece of cake, some candies, or a cookie. Just something small but almost every day. In the summer I just couldn't resist ice cream. Oh, I love ice cream! I could easily eat several ice creams in one day.

raw chocolate - sugar-free september

This is what you can eat :)

Stay away from these!

There was always something sweet at the office where I was working, so it was difficult to resist. When I heard that there was an international #sugarfreeseptember going on, I decided to take part. I knew sugar is not good for me, but even I was eating healthy already then, I just couldn't resist sugary sweets.

Sugar is one of those things that we really don't need. Sugar is one of the causes of silent inflammation in the body, it increases a risk of getting cancer, cardiovascular diseases and of course, it doesn't really help in trying to tone your body or losing fat.

When I decided to do the challenge, I told my colleagues, my friends and my family that I'm doing it, so it was easier to stick to my decision. I stayed the whole month without sugar - and that month changed my life.

Sugar free raw cake - sugar-free september

Sugar-free raw cake

Sugar-free brownies - sugar-free september

Sugar-free brownies

I discovered a whole new kitchen and all the amazing sweet treats you can make without sugar, like raw cakes, raw chocolate or cakes using banana or dates as sweeteners. I also noticed that I feel much better when I don't eat sugar, and when I make sure I eat regularly nutritious stuff, I didn't even crave sugar anymore.

Stopping eating sugar requires mostly mental discipline - you have to decide and stick to your decision. The first 3-4 days might be difficult if you are used to eating sugar, but after that, it gets easier. The last 3 weeks in the challenge are easy. You can always snack on some carrots or nuts if you feel like eating something small in between.

After the summer holidays and being more relaxed with my diet, I think it is really a good time now to remove the sugar from my diet again and start eating cleaner.

Do you want to join the challenge this time?


  • No white sugar

  • No sweets that include white sugar, like candies, cookies, cakes

  • Also, no processed foods that have sugar -> be careful with jams, ready made sauces ect

  • Fruit, berries and honey are allowed in moderation

To make you a little bit more motivated, I have a little competition for you! Everyone who takes part to my Sugar-Free September Challenge, has a chance to win a really nice gift box from Foodin, including organic raw chocolate, cashew nuts, almonds and mulberries. If you want to win, this is how it goes:

raw chocolate - sugar-free september

Comment on this post or write on my Facebook page (HERE) that you are in! If you tag a friend, you have double chances to win! The winner will be announced on the 1st of October. And of course, you have to follow the campaign rules to be able to win...

LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER! Are you with me? :) Good Luck! Anni

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