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Build good habits - FOR LIFE!

We all have habits. Most of them are subconscious: we keep on doing them without thinking about it. A habit is "a usual way of behaving: something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way".

Do you, for example, brush your teeth every evening even if you are very tired and would just like to go to sleep? I guess you still brush your teeth. You do it because it is a habit, something you have been doing since you were a child. You don't think about it, you just do it, every single day.

Eating vegetables is a good habit

We all have habits, something we do automatically without putting a lot of effort into doing it. Some of our habits are good, some of them are not so good. Drinking coffee, for example, is for most of the people just a habit. You are just used to drinking coffee, that's why you drink it. Not because you really need the coffee.

Did you know that everyone can relearn - you can build new good habits that benefit your health - and you can stop doing the habits that are not so good for you. But of course, it needs a little bit of practice.

When trying to build new habits, don't try to learn several new habits at the same time, that might be too difficult and in the end, you don't manage to keep any of them in your daily routines. Just pick one, keep on doing it over and over again, eventually, it becomes a habit! On average, it takes 30 -90 days to build a new habit.

Foam rolling is a good habit

Below you can find my suggestions for good habits. These are little things, that everyone should be doing. These are very easy to learn, and once you make the habit of it, you will be doing good for you the rest of your life!


1. Drink a lot of water

2. Add a hint of sea salt & lemon into the water in the morning

3. Never leave the house without having some healthy snacks with you!

4. Take your omega 3 and other supplements in the morning

Keep healthy snacks with you!

Drinking water is vital - without water, we die in a couple of days! Many of my clients have noticed that just by starting to drink more water they feel better and have more energy. When you make it a habit, you drink easily 2-3 liters of water every day, without even realizing it.

Drinking water is already good, but adding a hint of sea salt or lemon juice in it is even better! Water with sea salt hydrates better, thanks to the electrolytes in the salt. But please note: only add a good quality sea salt, not any normal table salt.

Drinking water is a good habit

What happens if you are running errands and suddenly notice that you ate last time 5 hours ago? You are hungry, angry and end up by buying something unhealthy to eat. That's why I NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE without having some snacks with me. I usually take at least a fruit, protein bar and nuts, or I make a smoothie. This is definitely the best habit you can learn already starting today. Never ever leave the house without having something to eat with you!

We all need at least omega 3 as a supplement, but it would be good to take Vitamin D and multivitamin as well. If you tend to forget your pills, just incorporate them into your breakfast. I always take my supplements in the morning, and never forget, because they are part of my breakfast.

ARE YOU ALREADY DOING ALL THESE 4 THINGS? If yes, I'm happy to give you more ideas for the next good habit you can start learning :)

Take care, Anni

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