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My favorite core exercises (with videos)!

Keeping core strong should be your number 1 priority. Our core is the link between upper body and lower body and it is the center of all the movement. Weak core muscles can impair how your arms and legs function and result in severe lower back pain!

The best core excersises

Avoiding back pain is one of the major reasons to train your core. But a strong core also enhances your balance and stability. It can also prevent falls and injuries during sports or any daily activities.

There is no need to build a visible "six-back", but just keeping your deep abdominal strong to support your spine and your everyday tasks is important.

These 3 exercises are my favorite core exercises. I have incorporated these into my gym program, so I train my core at least 2 times per week. Sometimes I do some core training also at home.

1. Abs crunches legs on the ball

2. Plank walk-in walk-out

3. Plank -> raise your leg one at a time

Abs crunches legs on the ball

Place your ankles on top of the ball. Activate your core, pull your stomach in. Then bend your legs and bring the ball under your chest. Straighten your legs again. Repeat 8-15 times.

Plank walk-in, walk out (first part of the video below)

Go to a plank position, straight arms. "Walk" your arms to your elbows, and push yourself up to straight arms again. Keep your core active all the time, try not to move your hip.

Plank raising your legs (second part of the video below)

Stay in a plank position, on your elbows. Lift one leg at a time, hold in the air for 2 seconds, then switch the leg.

Good luck with your exercises! :)

Best, Anni

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