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FOOD DIARY! My diet at the moment!

Last summer I was eating just what I felt like and I didn't pay so much attention to my own diet. After I published my food diary last May, I realised that I was not eating so well myself. So that post is not a very good example of how to eat :)

So I started to track my calories and macros using My Fitness Pal. Actually, I really enjoy planning my meals and checking that I hit the correct macros. I do this to make sure I get everything I need. At the moment I have a quite intense training program for myself, and of course, I'm very active every day, moving a lot also when I'm with my PT clients. The more you move and do sports, the more you have to eat!

Personal trainer food diary

So here is an example of my daily diet at the moment. I eat more or less this way every day, of course using different vegetables and different sources of protein and carbohydrates. On the weekends I eat more out, but during the week I usually cook every 5 meals myself.