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Support your immune system! Avoid the flu this winter

There are some easy and natural ways to support your immune system. I'm almost never sick myself, so at least for me, these tricks seem to work!

You hire a personal trainer, sign up for a gym or buy a 10-times yoga card and then you get sick! So typical isn't it? What about if you start to take care of your immune system now when you are still all good and healthy, and won't get sick at all!

These are my top tips for a strong immune system!

Number 1. Keep your gut flora healthy. The gut is the new brain but it is also the base for a good immune system. You can support the good bacteria to grow by eating fermented food and prebiotic fibers. When you feed the good bacteria, the good bacteria will naturally replace the bad ones. And when your gut flora is healthy, your immune system is stronger.

Examples of fermented foods: kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, greek yogurt...

Prebiotic fibers you get from legumes and vegetables but I also recommend taking some insoluble fiber like psyllium husk or some fiber blend like ZinoBiotic. Number 2