Small Group Training

Do you prefer to train together with your partner or with friends? Small group training is something in between personal training and group workout. If you have a group of 2-6 persons, we can agree on the time and place and train together weekly, bi-weekly or just one time. Working out together with friends is fun and motivating!

In the small group training, I will check that everyone is doing the exercises correctly and I will help and assist if you have any questions - and of course motivate you our of your comfort zone!

The theme of the workout can be almost anything, here are just a few examples:
⦾ Tabata
⦾ Flexibility and mobility
⦾ Healthy back
⦾ Stronger Core
⦾ Workout for moms

I start every training session with a proper warm up and end the session with stretching. Contact me if you want to know more!

Small group training in Berlin with persoanl trainer

I will plan a great workout for you!