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"I would like to sincerely recommend Anni, as she's a very professional and prepared personal trainer. 

Anni has helped me achieve my target weight and the final results after 6 months are very satisfying and have had an impact on both my body and mind. I feel overall more energetic, more positive and confident about my body. Anni carefully planned and adapted my nutritional plan and my exercise routine to fit my needs and my preferences, making it easier for me to follow.

I am looking forward to working with Anni in maintaining my weight loss and fitness level. A successful story indeed!!


"I had a 6 months full coaching with Anni and I strongly recommend her. She designed a personalized sports and nutrition plans for me, adapted them to my goals which we revised together according to my needs. During the six months, I finally managed to build up a sports routine and stick to it. Today, I feel strong and fit -  I improved my upper body strength by 90 %!  Now I'm ready to pursue my sports routine by myself thanks to Anni's great advice! I will definitely continue training with her also in the future!"


"I’m very happy with my decision to train with Anni! Anni has very healthy and holistic way to coach and her diet and exercise suggestion are very doable in everyday life. When starting to train with Anni, I was already in a good physical condition. I had years of competitive sports behind me from my youth years and since then I had been actively training by myself. Despite my good starting level, Anni’s training took me to the next level in my training. During the 3 months training, I achieved my goals; I was able to lose centimeters from my waist and thighs and to simultaneously increase muscle mass. In addition, for the first time in years, I’m able to do pull-ups without any assistance. Besides the physical goals, I got lots of good tips from Anni to further improve my diet.
Based on my experience I warmly recommend Anni’s training also for more experienced trainers who are looking for new ideas to their training and diet."


"Anni is personable, sympathetic, encouraging, and knowledgable in her field. She is enthusiastic about what she does, which helps put me, the client, in the mindset that I can do the workouts and the diet, and that I can have fun while doing it. I’ve had experience with some fitness coaches before and many think shouting and barking orders will push me, but it only discourages and angers me. Anni knows how to push me but within my ability and comfort range. For the workouts she takes injuries, discomfort, and current limitations into mind and will come up with modifications that are customized for me and still super effective. She’s taught me that there really isn’t anything I can’t do. 


I came to Anni with a rather strict set of dietary parameters: vegetarian and in many areas preferably vegan; the ability to make meals quickly at home. She’s very knowledgable in this area and encouraging, always an email away from providing recommendations, nutrition facts, etc. (Also quick and easy to reach for fitness and coaching questions.) Her diet coaching has positively impacted my life. I’m pleased to say I look and feel healthier!


I came to Anni wanting to make major changes to my lifestyle--I'd felt sluggish, unfit, cranky, and unhappy in my skin for too long. That is, until I met Anni. She shows you that you don't have to feel that way, and that setting habits and healthy routines isn't as difficult as you may think, and the rewards of taking care of yourself are truly amazing and life-changing. Proper diet and fitness coaching and encouragement from Anni, and determination on my end, were changing my body for the better, one day at a time. Like I said, I'm only halfway through my 6 month plan, but I am just about halfway to my kilo goal, old jeans that no longer fit are new jeans that suddenly do fit, and most importantly I am feeling good in my own skin once again and I am much, much happier and more positive. Endorphins really do add an energy and mood boost. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens 3 months from now and will report back!"




"Starting to take care of my physical well-being after being a couch potato for most of my life seemed like a huge challenge. With Anni's detailed personal training program and her professional advice, I got off to a great start easily! Training with her is fun and rewarding, has swiftly gotten my body into shape, and definitely made me feel more energetic and better about myself. Even as a total beginner, with her you can only succeed in your goals - highly recommended!"


"After many years of stomach and intestinal pain as well as numerous doctor visits, we contacted Anni to advise us on our nutrition and what could be done to eliminate these problems. Anni interviewed us to learn more about our current eating habits and developed a strategy to help us understand the choices we make. She not only explained the importance of our nutritional choices, but developed an easy-to-follow meal schedule. She provided us with several tasty recipe options for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. Since our consultation with Anni, we are more informed about the choices we make and feel much better as a result. Anni is very knowledgeable and professional and we would not hesitate to recommend her services to others."


"I can highly recommend Anni - she is fun to work out with but her talent lies in listening to her customers and paying attention to details. She managed to bring back my long gone motivation.
Anni was able to provide me a bunch of new ideas when it comes to my diet and my workout routine. She respected my wishes and restrictions but smoothly pushed me to find my new limits"


"I can't thank Anni enough for giving me the best diet plan that is changing my life. I've been losing weight in a healthy and delicious way =). A very good point to highlight is that I am not feeling hungry at all. In just one month, I saw the results: my jeans are getting loose and also this diet is making me really happy and more confident. Anni is always available and concerned about how the diet is going. I highly recommend her to everyone who is thinking of making your life better and more healthy. " 


"I did a 3-month online coaching program including analyses of my current diet and training, diet coaching, sports plans and a lot of communication with Anni. With her help, I found new aspects and motivation into my sports routines. Mobility training and different kind of running training are now an important part of my daily life. Anni taught me to pay attention to the balance between sports and rest. During the coaching, I got a lot of new information about nutrition, and I started to check also where the food comes from. Anni is a professional, always smiley and very supportive coach and she also knows how to challenge the routines and find new ways of doing things


"Anni is motivated and always eager to learn new things - it is a pleasure to work out with her. She is a trainer who knows both how to encourage you to practice on a rainy day and to teach you how to use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses. I have learned so much about myself and made such a huge progress as a runner."

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