Diet Advice / Nutritional Coaching

I'm a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor in Berlin. I offer Diet Coaching and nutritional advice both in English and in Finnish.

Having a healthy diet is vital for our well-being, health, and energy. Did you know that in reaching fitness targets and in losing weight, diet makes almost 80 % of the results, sports only 20 %? When you combine nutrition and exercise, you get the best results!

My aim is to teach you to eat healthy the rest of your life. You can get great results when you do small improvements to your diet. I will check the correct macros for you, regarding your lifestyle and activity. 

Nutrition coaching always includes analyses of your diet based on your food diary, recommendations to improve, and an example diet plan. Regarding of your target/goal, you will also get the macros and calories you should follow.

Diet plan + follow up (online)

Get a diet plan tailored individually for you and for your needs and goals. This is an online service, so everything is done via email. You will get the exact diet plan with several food options via email, following by a 4-week email support period.

4-week Diet Coaching with 1 live session

Get a diet plan tailored individually for you and for your needs and goals.  You will get an analysis of your current diet and improvement suggestions, as well as the exact diet plan made for you with several food options. 
This coaching includes also 1 x face-to-face/skype meeting (60 min) + email support for 4 weeks. 

12-week Diet Coaching

Do you want to get the results that last? If you want to lose a lot of weight, make bigger changes into your diet or make your eating habits better slowly, this is the right choice for you!
In general, learning new habits takes 21-90 days and most of the people return back to their old habits after trying something new for a couple of weeks. Having a longer diet coaching period ensures good results that last!

I will monitor your progress and we will do the changes accordingly, to make sure you are getting the results you want! 


Didn't find what you are looking for or not sure which option is the best for you? Don't worry - contact me now and I will tell you more!


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