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Improve your mobility: Legs! (video)

Mobility training is something that everyone should be doing! By improving your mobility, you also improve your posture, exercise technique and prevent shoulder and back pain. Do these exercises dynamically, always 1-2 minutes per exercise, and of course for both sides. Remember to breath deep and move slowly with your breathing.

Mobility exercises for legs Exercise 1. Start on all fours position, step your leg next to your hand. Lower your hip and open your chest.

Exercise 2. The same as before, but raise your arm and look up into your fingers

Exercise 3. The same as before but try to touch your ankle behind you.

Exercise 4. Buttocks: Lay on your back, place one leg on top of the other and pull towards your chest. Move softly from side to side.

Exercise 5. Laying on your back, start lifting your legs in the air, first your ankle pointed, then flexed.

Exercise 6. Stretch your hamstrings: one leg in the air, bent your knee when you inhale, and with exhale, straighten your knee.

Exercise7. Hip flexors stretch: Go to a lunge position, and remember to pull your stomach in.

See examples on the video above!

Depending on how much time you have, you can spend 10-30 minutes in total for doing these exercises. Try to do them at least 3 times a week.

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