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Are you steering your own boat?

You have decided to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle. You have a goal in mind: you want to lose weight, maybe burn fat, get more energy, feel better in your clothes and get more confidence. You want this, so that you will be healthier and happier also in the future, and you can be a better parent / a better friend when you have reached your goal and feel good about yourself.

Be the captain of your own life

You start going to the gym, you start your running routine and you start to follow a healthy diet plan. You feel great, everything is going well. But then...

Then you start to hear this kind of comments from your friends and from your colleagues and family:

"You are going to the gym all the time, you can skip it once, just join us for a drink"

"Come on, you look great, one piece of cake doesn't harm you!"

"Just relax a bit, just eat that pizza if it makes you happy!"

"You should enjoy life, let's order some wine!"

"Let's just eat out, forget that stupid diet"

"It is a weekend, you can eat whatever you want! Doesn't every diet have a cheat day??"

And so on, and so on..

And believe me, you will be hearing that kind of comments all the time.

Do thing that make you happy, not because other people are expecting it

That's why it is so important to know your motivation. What are the reasons behind your health project? Are you steering your own boat, or are your friends or family steering your boat? Are you taking actions that bring you closer to your goal, or are you following your friend's expectations? Do you do things that are important to you or do you do things to please your friends?

Taking care of yourself and following your dream is not selfish. It is okay to say no sometimes. You have a goal in mind: you want to improve your lifestyle, you want to achieve different results. It is not selfish to skip that piece of cake or order a mineral water instead of a beer. It is also totally okay to eat that cake sometimes.

It is all about balance. You define what is your goal and how long does it take to get there. You can drink that wine if it makes you happy, but don't drink it just because it will make your friend happy.

Healthy salad or a pizza? The decision is yours.

Be the captain of your own life. Don't let other people steer your boat.

Have a wonderful week everyone! Love, Anni

Anni S Coaching, from Finland, based in Berlin. Personal training and diet coaching in Berlin and also online! Read more about my services here or book a free consultation session here!

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